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In Latin American nations, numerous armored automobiles will certainly include a siren as well as lights to make use of in situations were they need to leave places promptly. Decoy convoys and automobiles are utilized to stop trailing. In case the convoy holding the customer is endangered and also ambushed, decoy convoys can additionally function as a reinforcement force that can counter-attack a force that is assaulting the primary convoy.

Depending upon the laws in a bodyguard's territory and also on which type of firm or protection service they remain in, bodyguards may be unarmed, armed with a less-lethal weapon such as a pepper spray, an expanding baton, or a Taser (or a comparable type stun gun), or with a dangerous weapon such as a handgun, or, in the instance of a federal government bodyguard for a Secret Service-type firm, a device gun - vip protection.

In enhancement to these tools, a bodyguard group might also have extra specialist weapons to help them in preserving the safety and security of their principal, such as sniper rifles as consider well as anti-materiel rifles (for anti-sniper defense) or shotguns. Osama bin Laden's individual safety and security detail was composed of "bodyguards ... directly chosen by him." Their "arsenal consisted of SAM-7 as well as Stinger missiles, AK-47s, RPGs, as well as PK gatling gun." Bodyguards that protect risky principals may use body armor such as kevlar or ceramic vests.

The principal may likewise wear body armor in risky circumstances. For a close security police officer, the key method versus sniper attacks is defensive: stay clear of subjecting the principal to the danger of being bombarded. This suggests that the principal must ideally be within an armored lorry or a safe and secure structure.

The use of offending techniques versus snipers will certainly take place very rarely in a bodyguard context, since it is really difficult for bodyguards to attempt to situate and terminate back at a distant, concealed, or camouflaged sniper, also if the protection detail has a carbine rifle or scoped sniper rifle in the trunk of the vehicle.

The day would start with a meeting of the bodyguard team led by the group leader. The group would certainly examine the various tasks that the client intends to do throughout the day, and also discuss exactly how the team would take on the different transport, escorting, as well as monitoring jobs. Throughout the day, the customer (or "major") may executive protection agent jobs have to pass by cars and truck, train, and also aircraft as well as participate in a range of functions, consisting of meetings as well as invites for dishes at restaurants, and also do personal activities such as entertainment as well as tasks.

The Definitive Guide to What Is Vip Protection And What Does It Entail?

Some preparing for the day would have begun on previous days. When the travel plan is known, several bodyguards would certainly travel the course to the locations, to inspect the roads for unforeseen modifications (road work, detours, shut lanes) as well as to examine the place. The venue requires to be examined for pests and the protection of the facility (exits, entrances) requires to be examined.


Bodyguards usually have training in firearms tactics, unarmed combat, tactical driving, and also emergency treatment (vip protection). In multi-agent units (like those shielding a president), one or more bodyguards may have training in particular tasks, such as giving a safety companion, crowd testing and also control, or looking for dynamites or electronic surveillance devices (" pests").